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Psalm 10 perfectly sums up the time I spent riding talking and praying with Laura and Mary Beth about the work Or Project is doing to respond to sex trafficking in Jackson. It’s sickening to see the how prosperous the sex industry is and can be disheartening to see how much rampant evil abounds around us and how often we close our eyes or contribute to injustice instead of fighting against it. But I was encouraged in two things: (1) God sees and will respond with justice towards evil and compassion towards the oppressed. (2) God has stirred up these women and people who have come around them to support their ministry. People who have experienced the mercy of God are faithfully doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly, and Or Project is working to show how we can be apart of that in large and small ways!

Ashley Newsome

When I think about the work I’ve done with the Or Project, what stands out to me is the patience and long-term approach. In this field, a fast-results mentality will not work. The people that the Or Project exists to help is a group that has been “groomed” and manipulated over a long period of time. The Or Project is willing to engage in lasting relationships in order to best aid those in need and counter the process that has been used against them. Along with this patience, the Or Project offers hope and a future for these women through the Gospel. They keep Jesus at the center, and those they serve next. Humbly putting others before themselves.

Laura Goff

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