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Our mission is to educate and train college students about Human Trafficking globally, nationally, and locally while sharing with them what The Or Project is and does. The internship will not only educate interns about Human Trafficking, but it will also teach them how to bring awareness to others. We’d be happy to meet and partner with other universities to create future internship opportunities.

The things you will be able to participate in with The Or Project include and are not limited to:

  • Attend regular meetings and debriefings

  • Complete individual assignments: writing the monthly blog or newsletter, making social media posts, planning fundraising events, etc.

  • Attend an Awareness Presentation

  • Attend a Prayer Drive

  • Assemble blessing bags

  • Complete logs recording work completed

  • Attend a board meeting

  • Complete a final project (final projects will be discussed at midterms and will benefit the intern as well as The Or project). To give you an idea of some of the positions you might be able to participate in here are some brief descriptions and comments from past interns:

  • Writing the Monthly Newsletter: Draft a Newsletter once a month as well as shadowing Laura (Director of The Or Project) and see behind the scenes of what it is like to own and run a non-profit

  • Writing for The Or Project Blog: Draft and publish a blog post sharing what the The Or Project is doing and ways people can learn and partner with us.

  • Writing for Social Media: Post on Instagram and Facebook at least every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Create a theme that coincides with the blog for the month

"Writing for The Or Project has taught me so much. I know that I will be able to use these skills in my future. I also learned that even if you can't help in a big way you should try to find one small thing you can do because ultimately you will impact real women and families who have fallen victim to horrible tragedies: it's worth doing anything, even if that is just educating yourself and others around you."

- Isabelle Garza

"It really helped me learn to be organized and direct, which is something I am not! the Internship overall helped me develop a greater empathy for women in the industry. It opened my eyes to a lot of hurt, and that that hurt does not just go away. It takes love form the Lord and a lot of time."

-Sarah Gremillion

"My time with the Or Project was so encouraging: being able to see how the Lord is moving and bringing light to horrible situations. I am so thankful for my experience and how it enabled me to grow not only artistically and as a writer, but also in my convictions and my faith and relationship with the Lord."

-Kathryn Hurry

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