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The Or Project was born out of a conviction that was provoked when reading Isaiah 58:6-8; throughout the passage, the word 'light' stuck out. Light is a common theme throughout the whole book of Isaiah, and the imagery of God being a light that breaks through darkness is powerful when it comes to the vision that The Or Project has for Jackson, MS.


In the original Hebrew writings of Scripture, the word 'light' transliterated is 'or' and it literally translates to: to be or become light. The Or Project, therefore, is all about seeing the LORD come into dark places and be the light that makes all things new.

At the same time, The Or Project aims to help all involved become the light as well.



The Or Project is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit in the state of Mississippi. Therefore, our organization is owned and operated by our Board of Directors.


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                   Arleigh Seymour

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